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  • Oral presentation at 27th Young Research Fellows meeting, 29-31st January at University of Caen Normandie, Caen, France: Magnetic hybrid nanoparticles: facile preparation, toxicity and MRI biodistribution by G. Dodi, C.M. Uritu, C.T. Mihai, M. Furcea, L. Agrigoroaie, A. Starica, A. Diaconu and I. Gardikiotis.


  • Oral presentation at 26th Young Research Fellows meeting, 20-22nd February 2019 at Faculté de Pharmacie de Paris, Université Paris-Descartes, France: Synthesis and characterisation of multifunctional hybrid magnetic nanoparticles designed for multimodal imaging by G. Dodi, C.M. Uritu, V. Balan, F. Cojocaru, B.I. Tamba and C. Ștefănescu.
  • Poster at NANOTEXNOLOGY International Conferences & Exhibition on Nanotechnologies – Organic Electronics & Nanomedicine 2019 —ISSON19-13th International Summer Schools on Nanosciences & Nanotechnologies, Organic Electronics and Nanomedicine and NN1916th International Conference on Nanosciences& Nanotechnologies, 29 June-6 July 2019 at Porto Palace Conference Centre, Thessaloniki, Greece: Multifunctional hybrid magnetic nanoparticles as multimodal imaging agents: design and in vitro evaluation by G. Dodi, C.M. Uritu, F. Cojocaru, V. Balan, I.L. Serban, B.I. Tamba, C.T. Mihai.
  • Poster no. EP-0754 at 32nd Annual Congress of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine – EANM’19, 12-16 October 2019 at Barcelona, Spain: Radiolabelled multifunctional hybrid magnetic nanoparticle probe for dual-modality (SPECT and MRI) medical in vivo imaging by G. Dodi, C.M. Uritu, I. Gardikiotis, C.T. Mihai, L. Agrigoroaie, M. Furcea, B.I. Tamba, C. Stefanescu.

Published papers




June 2019

  • School 3: Nanomedicine part of ISSON19-13th International Summer Schools on Nanosciences & Nanotechnologies, Organic Electronics and Nanomedicine, 29 June-6 July 2019, Thessaloniki, Greece.

November 2018

  • Radiopharmaceutical training  Course at University of Helsinki, Tracers in Molecular Imaging group, Department of Chemistry, Kumpula Science Campus, Helsinki, Finland.
  • Radiochemistry- from basic to pre-clinical studies by Gianina Dodi at Advanced Research and Development Center for Experimental Medicine (CEMEX), Iasi, Romania.